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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

College Football Rankings Week 5

After four weeks, I like to look at the best teams.  Preseasons ranking are ish.  The first three weeks, there are injuries and upsets and all that jazz.  After a month, I feel it is the right time to look at the best teams and putting them in order.  I like to do it by region and teams that just "look" good.

Match Ups by Region
Alabama at Florida, Oct. 1st
LSU at Alabama, Nov. 5th
     Game of the Year, both could and should be ranked 1 and 2
Florida at South Carolina, Nov. 5th
     SEC East Championship, winner looks to pull upset in SEC Championship

Clemson at Virginia Tech, Oct. 1st
     Once again, the east is weak with ACC and the Big East

Nebraska at Wisconsin, Oct. 1st
     Looks like Wisconsin has a true title shot if they can get past Nebraska and then Ohio State at night in the 'shoe.  Also another game in Indy for the B1G Championship game is now on the schedule.

Oklahoma at Oklahoma State, Dec. 5th
     If both teams are undefeated, best Bedlam game ever.  Winner faces SEC West Champ in the National Championship.  I hope this game isn't the same time as the B1G Championship.

Oregon at Stanford, Nov. 12th
     Winner goes to Pac-12 Championship and most likely the Rose Bowl
Boise State
     Has a shot at BCS title game if undefeated and only one other undefeated team left

Standard Poll: My Top 8
1) LSU
2) Alabama
3) Oklahoma
4) Wisconsin
5) Oklahoma State
6) Boise State
7) Oregon
8) Nebraska

End of Year Playoff as of Week 5:
1) SEC (West) Champion (Alabama/LSU)
4) West Champion (undefeated Stanford/Boise/one-loss Oregon)

2) Big XII Champion (OU-OSU Winner)
3) Undefeated Big Ten Champion (Nebraska/Wisconsin)