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Monday, September 26, 2011

El Citgo Watch: Los Lobos Edition


In a move that seemed a long time coming, New Mexico fired Head Coach Mike Locksley after a fake recruit was picked up with a DWI in a Mike Locksley-registered vehicle outside the stadium before New Mexico's Homecoming OT loss to Sam Houston State 48-45

The underage offender, 19 year old Joshua Butts, was driving Locksley's vehicle, which belonged to his son.  Butts and Locksley's son were high school buddies from their days in Champagne where Locksley was coaching for the Illini.  This alone would end his time in New Mexico, however, this was not his first off the field problem.  There are two other incidents, not to mention his tenure on the field.

Two years ago, Locksley was accused of sexual harassment by a former secretary.  Bad.  Also, he punched a coach on his staff in the face, who he outweighed by 100 lbs.  Bad X2.  Now an underaged DWI in your car.  Bad X3.  Citgo

I don't know if even Saban could get away with those non-football related problems, but under Locksley's watch, the Lobos, who were a general middle of the pack contender in the MWC and lower-tier bowl team before Locksley got there, his record alone is a fireable offense.

His first year, in 2009, the Lobos went 1-11.  Last year, 1-11 again.  This year, 0-4 and losing to SHST, New Mexico had no choice to go Braveheart on his career and no one is surprised.  New Mexico even reconstructed their contract for a lesser buyout if they were to let him go.

It turned out that everything that he did do as coach could not get him fired.  It was something he did not do was the final nail.