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Monday, September 26, 2011

*UPDATE* Straight Ca$h Homey: Week 4 NCAA Picks

 *Went 5-2, never taking Southern Cal and Notre again.  That is all*
Army QB Trent Steelman
had 3 touchdowns

While looking at this week's games, the conclusion is the good ones are few and far between.

Last week I apparently missed the ole sand in the eyes, as the game of the week had Northwestern-Army as a pick 'em Monday morning and by Thursday, Northwestern was giving 7.  By kickoff, the Wildcats had moved further and were favored by 9.  Since our lines came out Monday, a Northwestern pick 'em was free money.  Then, of course, Northwestern went Northwestern and lost outright to Army by a touchdown, 21-14.  I had no idea about it until halftime.

Here's the convo:
-Hey check the Northwestern game
-Uh what?
-Yeah, the Northwestern-Army game
-Uh what?
-Yeah, I took Northwestern for my money game.  It started out as a pick 'em and by kick they were giving 9.  Check the game.
-Go on your smart phone and check it yourself.  That game is not on television.  Oh here it is. It's tied...(a few hours later)...UPDATE.  ARMY 21. NORTHWESTERN 14.  FINAL.  Thanks for your monies.  Idiots.

Well played Dupe, well played.  On that note, here is what I am looking at this week:

Pockets REAL BIG.

Money game: 10Oregon (-15) at Arizona 10:15 ESPN2
Thanks, for the third straight week, Arizona
*W Oregon gets up really big really early, takes out the Cats 56-31.  Brother Stoops is dead man walking in the desert*

Notre Dame (-6.5) at Pittsburgh 12:00 ABC
A late substitute for the FSU-Clemson game.  Maybe Notre breaks out after their win vs Sparty last week.  From what I've seen, Pitt is pretty bad and won't do much when Notre throws their defensive backs wide open (they're pretty good at that).  By the end, though, Notre Dame's head coach won't look like he has over done himself at Willy Wonka's.  Oompa Loopa Doopatee Doo.  Notre Dame's quarterbacks will throw it to you.
*L Notre wins despite itself as Pitt's generosity proves too much, 15-12.  Notre Dame is bad.  Never taking them again.*

Calm down coach

14Arkansas at 3Alabama (-13) 3:30 CBS
Arkansas has their All-SEC running back out for the year.  Bama has #21 Dre Kirkpatrick, and he will have caused at least 2 turnovers as Bama runs away.  Dre may sound familiar.  And he was right, Texas ain't got that swagger.
*W Bama with too much swagger for the Hogs, takes them out 38-14.  This week: Bama-Gators. 8pm. In the Swamp. On CBS.  Me likey*

Dre's Whip
Why wouldn't he drive this?
I dare you to even look at #21




7Oklahoma State (+3) at 8Texas A&M 3:30 ESPN 2 *Blacked Out*
Hell yes I'm gonna ride the Pokes into College Station.
*W Hell yes the Pokes pull one out in the best game Columbus never saw, 30-29.  Good win even when your best player fumbles untouched walking into the endzone. WTF Blackmon*

11Florida State (-3) at 21Clemson 3:30 ESPN
*UPDATE* As of Thursday morning, the line flipped and now Clemson is a 2.5 favorite.  Of course they are.  TAKE FSU +2.5 TO THE BANK!  Due to the line shifting 5.5 points, I am not taking FSU -3
Taking Clemson to go Clemson, this time after a huge win.  Clemson thinks they are a top 5 team and usually gets smoked in the next one.  They should be up for FSU but I see the 'Noles to pull this one out by at least double digits.  Should be my money game.
 *L Clemson bests the Noles, 35-30 with FSU's starting quartback on the self.  The Fightin' Dabo Sweeneys have America right where they want them.  Watch the Hype Machine go into 4th gear this week and check back after they travel to Blacksburg*

Sammie Watikins. 5-star Freshmen Stud
Single Digit Pred. Will not be enough.

Keep feeding Rainey and Demps

15Floirda (-18) at Kentucky 7:00 ESPN
Too many weapons, Chuck Weis' O is clicking.  UK sucks straight up.
*W Gators roll 48-10.  UK sucks.  Florida welcomes Alabama into the Swamp this week, 8:00 on CBS.  Me likey*
2LSU (-6.5) at 16WVU 8:00 (GAMEDAY) ABC
Dub Vee cannot/will not score 10 points on these guys
*W Morgantown was ready.  WVU pulled within 27-21 early in the 4th with all the momentum.  An LSU ensuing kickoff return for a score all but ended anything the Mountineers had left.  47-21 Final.  LSU is your new number 1.  Maybe they'll get a day game in this week.  What's this, Kentucky comes to Death Valley?  Prediction: Mini Les Miles 69, UK tree.  At half.*

You will not score.
You will like it.

 Not this week vs. The Men of Troy

23USC (+3) at Arizona State 10:15 ESPN
Hate Kiffin in college.  Love Kiffin in NFL (see below), but they have Woods at wideout and ASU (the West-Coast Clemson) took one on the chin in Campaign so Sparky will be looking to bounce back.  However they will not defeat the Trojans.  Look for costly personal fouls in the second half (I'm looking at you, Vontaz Burfict), as is tradition.
*L USC goes ahead in the 3rd 22-21, after the standard touchdown/missed 2-point trick conversion play.  I hate Lane Kiffin.  I hate the Univ of Spoiled Children Sexual Ballers.  Final 43-22.  Now you're done*

Sebas from 76.  Just missed it