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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Michigan State Week. Love Me Some Sparty

Charles Rogers. Legend and Leader.
If you know anything about me, you know my love for Sparty.  They are Clemson of the Big Ten.  They get all the players that should've gone to Michigan and Penn State and Ohio State and Notre Dame, but are missing something (not looking at you Kirk Cousins)

They should be ranked in the Top 25 yearly, and when they sometimes find a number in front of MSU, they somehow lose a big game in spectacular fashion or after a big game to the bottom feeders of the Big Ten (see: Minnesota, Indiana, Michigan-zing, Illinois) and then tailspin from there.
They fight for an Alamo Bowl birth (when the Big Ten still did business in San Antonio). 
Their made up rival, Penn State, who they play at the end of the year (I don't know how the game looks now since one school is a Leader and the other a Legend), acts more of a hammer as Sparty bends over as the nail.

Michigan State has never given Ohio State much of a fight, well, other than, you know, this:
Ohio State's '98 team was the best team in Columbus I've seen and the only team that comes close is the 2006 squad.  In 1998, Ohio State finished number 2 after beating Michigan and then Texas A&M in the Sugar Bowl and there is no doubt in anyone's mind that the National Champion Tennessee Volunteers would have not been within 17 points of Joe Germain and the Big Katz' team.  Ask any Buckeye fan over the age of 20 and they will say the 1998 loss was the worst home loss.  Period.

Other than that, is has been pretty much cupcake city when the Spartans come rolling into Cap City or the Scarlet and Gray travel north to East Lansing.  Since my love of Sparty runs deep as that kid who keeps peeing his pants during show and tell, here are some videos from the '00s, and with John L. Smith as my favorite coach ever, here we go.  Let's start with the 2005 match when THE COACHES WERE SCREWIN' IT UP!

Here's a Teddy Ginn highlight.  Notice the long returns and catch and runs against the green and white (starts around 1:15)

And last but not least, one Spartan fan made a compilation of MSU football during the John L. Smith Era.  One of the high points during college in the fall.  Spent many a weekends at the BAC watching Sparty go Sparty and having a great albeit cheap laugh at Coach Smith's expense.

Michigan State-Ohio State (-3) 3:30 ABC.  See you there :)
I completed this post in about 15 minutes.  Got Sparty on my mind 24/7