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Monday, September 19, 2011

Browns off the shnide

AJ Mast-AP
Browns 27 Colts 19.  Pat Shurmur got his first career victory as a head coach on the backs of the Juggernaut and Joshua Cribbs.  Colt looked strong at times, and the defense made plays when they needed to.  Jabaal Sheard is a man beast and this looks like a Browns team could have easily been looking at a 2-0 record going into this week against the 'phins (1:00 CBS).
Here are the game highlights from

As for the Colts, Holy Hell do they miss #18, and that ship is sinking fast.  HAH YOU DON'T HAVE A QB.  WELCOME TO OUR WORLD!  Manning not leading the Colts makes me think about how hard it is to actually get to, and win the Super Bowl.  It is very apparent that he is EVERYTHING to that offense (really?) and he has only won 1 title and been to the Super Bowl twice.  This guy has been to 3 and won 2 (!) 

Since Manning was drafted by the Colts, he has won as many Super Bowls as this guy, this guy and this guy.  Manning is a sure-fire HOFer and he has only one ring.  It is amazing how good the Pats are (and have been) and how many breaks you need to just reach the Super Bowl, let alone put yourself in a position to win it.